No Water in New Orleans

Hey Everyone! We are still here in New Orleans, highlights from the last week or so include…

Storyland at City Park and a new “woof-woof” for Aeon cause we dropped hers…

We also went to Pensacola Florida for a beach weekend! The beach was lovely in the morning and we stayed at an awesome AirBNB right on the bayou in Pensacola and they had boats= Aeon’s first boat ride!

Aeon got some chocolate on the way home…

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We also went to the Backstreet Cultural Museum near our house in Treme. The African-American Mardi Gras Indian costumes were very beautiful but we didn’t stay long because Aeon wanted to touch everything!

Finally last Friday evening we went to the Zoo for their Cool Zoo and Zoovie night. They had a pretty nice small waterpark but after swimming for a while we saw posters by their concessions stating the city had issued a “boil water advisory”. We did a little research and apparently something went wrong at the water treatment plant earlier that morning, the city waited 7 hours to tell the public and were advising not even bathing in the water. All city pools were closed. But here we were paying a decent amount of money to swim in contaminated water and their bottled water was $3 and it was 99 degrees outside. Needless to say we were a bit upset not only for our own situation but also at the realization that there were potentially thousands of residents without access to clean drinking water due to the disconnect between the lower income population and resources we have observed in this city. The “boil water advisory” was lifted more than 24 hours later.

Don’t get me wrong we really love this city, it has many redeeming qualities next to its flaws. We just got a tiny sip of what it’s residents deal with.



How ya doin y’all. (Yes it’s a statement here, not a question…usually…I’m still very confused most of the time).

So we are here in ‘nawlins and it is HOT and HUMID but we are coping the best northern folk can be expected to. We try to go out in the mornings and evenings, staying indoors during the hottest part of the day. Aeon stops at every water fountain and plays in it…

Aeon’s favorite place is the Louisiana children’s museum. We have gone at least four times! We are really enjoying the architecture and atmosphere. It reminds us of southern Italy and France- slow paced culture, overlapping old buildings, beautiful courtyards perfect for Aeon and small streets. The food is also very tasty, our favorite find so far is probably our corner market- huge delicious catfish po-boy for $5.99!

Today we went to City Park, our second trip to this huge park that is home to the art museum, botanical gardens, amusement park, historic coffee place open 24 hours, ponds and bayous as well as playgrounds and huge Greek revival pavilions. Aeon made friends at the playground and helped another little girl feed the geese.

However we had a disappointing time at the New Orleans Art Museum. It was a true reminder of all we do not like in the art establishment. It is a place created by the WASP for the WASP. I was/felt personally oppressed in this institution and the only thing that separates me from WASPhood is a semi naked toddler on my hip. I can’t imagine how any of our neighbors in Treme (historically African-American neighborhood) would be treated and feel when they view the exhibit glorifying pre-civil war plantation elegance. Maybe I’m just a northern white girl that has no idea what she’s talking about but when I see an entire exhibit dedicated to the parlor furnishings of a plantation which owned 96 slaves in a public museum I get angry. In the literature posted next to the recreated parlor there is much discussion of the hardships faced by the plantation owners during the war and reconstruction period, specifically the “restructuring of labor”… and I only know there was 96 slaves because it was in the census at the bottom of the page.

On the other hand I did find this gem.


The sign in the Italian Renaissance gallery claims this is St. Margaret but I think it’s Daenerys Targaryan from Game of Thrones, just saying.

The sign says St. Margaret was eaten by the devil disguised as a dragon but the cross in her hand burst the dragon apart. After her safe “deliverance” she asked that women pray to her for safety in child birth. I don’t know sounds like Mother of Dragons to me.



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Family trip to WI

We just returned home from two weeks of travel! Our visit with my family was wonderful, and Aeon loved meeting everyone.

She’s Crawling!

Oh my goodness the baby is crawling! At 10 months she finally decided she would like to move. She also all of the sudden decided to use her little feet, previously if you held her up she would hold her legs up like she was sitting in the air but now she stands! Watch her crawl here and here. And here is her standing…


For the Fourth of July we went camping with some of Brian’s coworkers. It was so beautiful out, we swam in the river and hung out by the fire.

When we got home from camping we did a little baby photo shoot because she is just that cute…

Eugene Visit

This weekend we made a trip to Eugene to get our tires changed and stayed for Eugene-ian festivities. We ate at the farmers market, watched a skate competition at the big opening festival for the huge covered skate park, drank beer at an organic farm brewery and saw wonderful music at WOW hall. Aeon loved her first concert even tho she was so tired. She was mesmerized by the lights and got her first hand stamp.



Visit with Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt

Last weekend Grandma Kathryn and Grandpa Ray came to visit! Aeon absolutely loved the attention and mom and dad loved the break! She is definitely a Grandpa’s girl, taking a nap in his arms almost every day. On Saturday, my birthday, we went kayaking on the nearby Tenmile Lake which was beautiful. While relaxing on the beach Aeon experienced sand for the first time. She would touch it with her little hand, pull away, touch again, pull away… so cute! On Sunday we went camping on a beautiful river near Powers, OR. We put the baby in a box and daddy let her play with a hatchet…

Memorial Day Camping

This weekend we celebrated with camping. Friends had told us we would find free camping along the river  in a town called Powers, about an hour southeast of us. So we drove there and it was the tiniest town I have ever seen! We stopped in the local grocery store and they told just to drive out of town and check all the turnouts along the river for good campsites. About 15 min out we found a wonderful campsite in a National Forrest along the river, a beautiful mountain river with big boulders and waterfalls. We hiked, fished and relaxed along the river. Brian caught 2 fish and I caught 1 but they were too small to eat. They were our first fish caught on my lovely fly fishing rod from my daddy and made by my uncle!


Pictures of our trip come first and then I also included some random pictures of Aeon because she is just so cute.

And click here to see a video of my baby deliberately push a button with her pointer finger… very exciting stuff.