No Water in New Orleans

Hey Everyone! We are still here in New Orleans, highlights from the last week or so include…

Storyland at City Park and a new “woof-woof” for Aeon cause we dropped hers…

We also went to Pensacola Florida for a beach weekend! The beach was lovely in the morning and we stayed at an awesome AirBNB right on the bayou in Pensacola and they had boats= Aeon’s first boat ride!

Aeon got some chocolate on the way home…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also went to the Backstreet Cultural Museum near our house in Treme. The African-American Mardi Gras Indian costumes were very beautiful but we didn’t stay long because Aeon wanted to touch everything!

Finally last Friday evening we went to the Zoo for their Cool Zoo and Zoovie night. They had a pretty nice small waterpark but after swimming for a while we saw posters by their concessions stating the city had issued a “boil water advisory”. We did a little research and apparently something went wrong at the water treatment plant earlier that morning, the city waited 7 hours to tell the public and were advising not even bathing in the water. All city pools were closed. But here we were paying a decent amount of money to swim in contaminated water and their bottled water was $3 and it was 99 degrees outside. Needless to say we were a bit upset not only for our own situation but also at the realization that there were potentially thousands of residents without access to clean drinking water due to the disconnect between the lower income population and resources we have observed in this city. The “boil water advisory” was lifted more than 24 hours later.

Don’t get me wrong we really love this city, it has many redeeming qualities next to its flaws. We just got a tiny sip of what it’s residents deal with.


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